Leader of the Mercenary Guild, Ryqo's Roughnecks


Aka: Ryqo or Ryqo-chan
Birth Name: Rebecca Bouteillevoix
Association: Ryqo’s Roughnecks
Role: Leader
Class: Archer
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: _____
Size: Medium
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 0”
Weight: 95
Eyes: Cendrée
Hair: Sable
Skin: Pale Caucasian
Looks: Generally wears hair pulled back into twin ponytails. Prefers to wear purple and white. Usually will wear the Roughnecks’ emblem somewhere on her clothes. Not fond of armor, but will wear it if necessary. Not usually fond of jewelry, but if Lady Sanguine gives her a piece as a souvenir, she will consider wearing it.
Personality: Usually: Genki genki wai wai! Though is more than capable of being serious when necessary, i.e. meeting a new client for the first time.
Note: Fluent in Corithonian and uses it to attach honorifics to peoples’ names.


As the daughter of the mercenary, Quentin l’exécuteur and assassin, Yurikiru, Rebecca Bouteillevoix certainly did not have a normal childhood. Though she was born and raised in Yurikiru’s village, she regularly traveled with Quentin’s mercenary group, the Executor’s Roughnecks. The mercs liked her bubbly personality and called her Ricochet as she was always bouncing off the walls. But, though they treated her as their own daughter or sister, they also came to respect her natural talents in weaponry and tactics. Recently, Quentin and Yuri took separate assignments that led them both to _______ and Rebecca tagged along to see the sights. But the missions were set up in a grand scheme to eliminate them all. Amidst the chaos of the assault, both parents fell. With his dying breath Quentin ordered his most trusted Roughnecks to evacuate his daughter. After lying low for a while, Rebecca gathered the remaining Roughnecks who had little trouble accepting her as their new leader. Changing her call sign in honor of her parents, she set out with her new family to fulfill her destiny.


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