Lady Sanguine

"Trophy Collector" for Ryqo's Roughnecks


Aka: Sanguine or Sang-ne-chan
Given Name: Vivian Sexton (adopted family name)
Association: Ryqo’s Roughnecks
Role: “Trophy Collector”
Class: Barbarian
Race: Human
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: Gharr
Size: Medium
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 155
Eyes: Vert
Hair: Carmine
Skin: Dark Caucasian
Looks: Not a single scar on skin despite many wounds that should have left one. Hair is raggedly cut to shoulder length and usually worn loose. With an athletic build, non-figure-flattering armor and chest wrappings, she could pass as a young man to the unobservant. This fact isn’t helped by her distain for ‘feminine garb.’
Personality: Split personality between the somewhat normal warrior and a bloodcrazy berserker.
Note: Calls Ryqoshay her Mistress


Born to the unusual pairing of Preistess and Necromancer, Vivian is anything but a normal human. Her mother left her church on a pilgramage to hide her pregnancy and left in the care of Grannus and Sirona Sexton, a family of healers in the barbarian village of Danann.
Vivian took well to life as a barbarian, though her rage drew from a different source than than her peers. Hers was an unusual bloodlust that made her seem possessed by another being.
This power caught the eye of Belatu, the son of the village elder, Dagda. While he courted her, it was merely a guise to use her to overthrow his father. By the time she realized what was happening, it was too late and she was forced to kill her fiance in a vain attempt to save the elder.
Devistated by the betrayal as well as her own actions, Vivian chose to leave her home. Little did she know that something within her had broken. The distress and dispare had caused a mental schism that resulted in a secondary personality.
Upon making her presense known, this new persona named itself Sanguine and laid claim to Vivian’s bloodlust and rage. Unlike Vivian, Sanguine would happily slaughter everything is site so long as it resulted in bloodletting. It was everything Vivian could do to contain her now personified bloodlust.
After several years of wandering, Vivian encountered a group of mercenaries claiming to be Ryqo’s Roughnecks. Ryqo took an immediate liking to the barbarian woman and did her best to recruit her. Vivian agreed, seeing the opportunity to not only satiate Sanguine’s desires, but make a survivable wage as well.
By random chance, Ryqoshay issued “Lady Sanguine” as Vivian’s call sign, not knowing at the time about her second personality. Nowadays, most of the guild is aware of the dual personas yet refer to both by their call sign or simply Sanguine. Needless to say, Sanguine herself doesnt mind.

Lady Sanguine

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