Aka: Mind Voice
Birth Name: Unknown
Association: Goldy’s Roughnecks
Role: _____
Class: Wilder
Race: Brain-in-a-jar
Alignment: Chaotic Evil (leaning towards Chaotic Neutral)
Deity: n/a
Size: Small
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown, though treated as male
Height: _____
Weight: 154
Eyes: n/a
Hair: n/a
Skin: n/a
Looks: It’s a brain. In a jar. Though Null did find a way to enchant mithral so it is clear and made a new, sturdier jar for it to reside in.
Personality: Chaotic.
Note: Often tunes into “radio signals” from some place called “Earth.”


Reaper commissioned (created) it to serve as a hub for telepathic communications and control of his horde. Severely damaged in the siege on Reaper’s stronghold and almost left for dead. Anita insisted that it was still alive and refused to leave without her ‘best friend.’ Dex believes it may recover some of its old powers, but will likely never return to the full capacity it utilized while serving Reaper.
When asked its name, Anita replied “Envy, short for Mind Voice.” She held fast to that declaration despite questions. Weeks later, when Envy was capable of offering its own reply, it did not refute Anita’s statement.


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