Flash Pyre


Aka: Flash, Flashy, Fire Starter, Firefly, Pyrefly, Brush Fire, Fire for Hire, etc
Birth Name: Eric Edison
Association: Goldy’s Roughnecks
Role: Fire Caster
Class: Elemental Savant (Fire)
Race: Spellscale ?
Alignment: _____
Deity: _____
Size: Medium
Age: 18 (or the spellscale equivilant)
Gender: Male
Height: (short for his age/race)
Weight: _____
Eyes: _____
Hair: Red
Skin: _____
Looks: Prefers red, orange, yellow and other flashy colors and will wear just about anything that helps him ‘stand out’ visually.
Personality: Prideful, often boastful and has a short fuse, especially when it concerns his height.
Note: Prefers to be called Pyre, yet most people call him Flash, much to his chagrin. Rong-fa can never remember his name and is responsible for many other nicknames.


Flash sought out Goldy’s Roughecks after seeing Kethyn use his magic out on an assignment. His innate talent was easily sensed and he was welcomed into their ranks. He looks up to Keth as a teacher in the magical arts, though he may not openly admit it, and regularly joins Keth’s group on digs and ancient dungeon explorations. He also finds himself intrigued by Null’s mission to reduce the world’s dependency on magic, despite her own powerful command over the mystical force. There are rumors that his interest may run deeper than mere curiosity.

Flash Pyre

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