Aka: Grav
Birth Name: _____
Association: Ryqo’s Roughnecks
Role: Frontline fighter
Class: Barbarian
Race: Goliath
Alignment: True Neutral
Deity: _____
Size: Medium
Age: _____
Gender: Male
Height: _____
Weight: _____
Eyes: Slate
Hair: None
Skin: _____
Looks: Rougher than average for his race, which is part of the reason for his honorific.
Personality: Generally happy and energetic.
Note: Loyal more to Rx than Ryqo. Loves to challenge Lady Sanguine, or anyone else really.


Exiled when unable to move on with tribe due to significant injury. Due to the circumstances surrounding the injury, was allowed to keep honorific. He had been acting as a guide for Rx and several members of her Prescription of Pain. They were hunting a particularly elusive member of the group that had assaulted her parents. In a desperate attempt to escape Rx’s wrath, the man started an avalanche in hopes of burying her. Grav used his knowledge of the area to find a protected area to escape. Rx stumbled on the tumbling detritus and found herself in the path of a sizable boulder. Grav intervened and saved her, but was severely injured instead. Rx’s spells were quite weak by this time and she was unable to repay the kindness by healing her savior. One could argue this was the turning point that lead to the disbandment of the Prescription of Pain. Upon exile, Grav decided to join Rx, as he had nowhere else to go. It was Grav that persuaded Rx to atone to her deity and regain her powers as a healer. Through this pilgrimage, they found Ryqo’s Roughnecks and were drawn in.


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