Aka: Harley
Birth Name: Kalma Aleksitytärla
Association: the Reaper’s Roughnecks
Role: Reaper’s Bodyguard
Class: Monk, Fighter, Kensai
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Deity: Mort
Size: Medium
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: _____
Weight: _____
Eyes: Steel Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Caucasian
Looks: Wears her hair in a long braid. Clothes are generally flashy and multi-colored with various patterns that usually clash with one another. Every inch of skin is covered except the right side of her face, the only patch left untouched by the flames. A steel, half-mask fashioned to look like a skull covers the left side of her face. Maintains a wardrobe of more noble looking clothes as well.
Personality: Aloof and arrogant, and is at home among those of noble standing. Despite her disfigurement, is still quite vain about her appearance. Is utterly loyal to Reaper and has sworn an oath of servitude to him in repayment for his saving her life.


Kalma Aleksitytärla was born and raised in a monastery of Mort less than half a day’s ride outside of Mistoff. She grew up revering the cycle of life and respecting death for what it was, a simple end of life. It was in the monastery that she learned to use her body as a potent weapon and view it as a temple unto itself.
She took little notice, in her early days, of a young man who frequented the monastery and even less notice of his growing interest in her. It wasn’t until the monastery fell under siege by followers of Caine and their undead hordes that she was literally forced to take note of him. Reaper arrived to find the campus in ruins and the temple proper in flame. He searched for survivors but found only Kalma, who thankfully did not give off an aura of death that he could detect.
Rx, back in Lilyville was able to revive the young woman, but found it impossible to heal the scars emblazoned upon her skin. Kalma refused to leave her room for days before Reaper was able to coax her out with a mask he had made for her.
Having lost the source of her unarmed training, Kalma started training under Yozakura to use a blade. Through this training, she found new purpose in life and decided to dedicate it to the man who had saved her and shared so many of the beliefs she had grown up with. She took and oath as a Kensai to protect this man at all costs. Now known as Harlequin, she has joined the Reaper’s Roughnecks and rarely leaves Reaper’s side.


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