Keltahk Cayosin


Aka: Cayos
Birth Name: Unknown
Association: Ryqo’s, the Reaper’s, and Goldy’s Roughnecks
Role: Null’s Assistant
Class: _____
Race: Warforged
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: n/a
Size: Medium
Age: Unknown (Activated 3 years ago)
Gender: Undecided
Height: _____
Weight: _____
Eyes: _____
Hair: N/A
Skin: N/A
Looks: _____
Personality: Childlike curiosity and insatiable lust for learning. Can be an unintentional know-it-all due to its high intelligence, but never means offense by it.


Recently reactivated by Null, Keltahk Cayosin awoke with its mind blank. Not like typical living humanoid amnesia, where the being often remembers how to speak and how to get through an average day, Cayos had nothing. The only things it had going for it was a strong desire to learn, and a willing teacher. Null tinkered with it tirelessly for several weeks, enabling it with various spells that practically forced communication skills. Not requiring sleep, Cayos spends many nights in the Roughneck’s library, scouring books for new information. While this behavior has lead to a high level of book smarts, Cayos lacks real world experience, and as such, often comes off as childish or naïve. It is slowly developing a sense of self, though it hasn’t associated itself with a gender, and may very well not. Null usually refers to it by “him” or “her” depending on her mood, but the rest of the Roughnecks usually use “it.” It is extremely devoted to Null, calling her “Master” and through her, is also loyal to the Roughnecks.

Keltahk Cayosin

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