Nullsilver Luna


Aka: Null
Given Name: Nichole “Nikki” Heiden
Association: the Executor’s, Ryqo’s, the Reaper’s, and Goldy’s Roughnecks
Role: Alchemist and Artificer
Class: Artificer
Race: Alynthi Elf
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Alltis
Size: Medium
Age: 117, 130, 149?, 277
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 102 lb
Eyes: Emerald
Hair: Dishwater
Skin: Pale Caucasian
Looks: Personal appearance is not important to Null as it takes time and thoughts away from her experiments. Her hair has been known to be cropped short, or grown long below the shoulders, though usually averages about shoulder length. She’ll wear it loose or tied back depending on her mood. Her outfits are extremely casual, and usually wrinkled and hastily donned. Most are fire retardant and do not generate static. She also wears a pair of enchanted lenses, though, not because she has poor vision. On the contrary, they enhance her already extraordinary sight, specifically on the small scale.
Personality: Generally lazy, but can get very excited and focused on experiments and tinkering.
Note: Responsible for most of the devices used in the base.


Self proclaimed “Master Crafter”, Nikki Heiden is a technological and alchemical genius hired by the Roughnecks to perform various support duties. Not much of a fighter, she prefers to spend her time tinkering around the Roughneck’s base, fixing and creating various devices, experimenting with random components and spells and whatever trinkets catch her fancy. Despite her lazy demeanor, she has proven herself invaluable. One of her current projects includes unlocking the mysteries within the warforged she reactivated recently. The magical machine had no memories upon waking up, so Null gave it the name Keltahk Cayosin and made it her personal attendant. Using what she has learned from her studies of Cayos, she has created several significantly simpler constructs that she has named affectionately and insists that they have personalities of their own.

Null’s Constructs, as of the Ryqo’s Roughnecks time frame:

Motsognir: A tiny device, about the size of a mouse, that is capable of recording and replaying a limited amount of simple information from anywhere it can hide. Perhaps someday its interface and data cache will be upgraded.

Robin: A small device, about the size of a toad, that is capable of swimming quite gracefully using finlike attachments. Its ground movement is somewhat limited, however, and resembles a frog’s leap. No upgrades are currently planned.

Flame: A small device, about the size of a cat, that has a siphon based weapon that will eventually spew fire. Null is currently working on the proper compound.

Verdandi: A small device, about the size of a cat, that is capable of burrowing through soft ground using spade shaped plates on its front limbs. Perhaps someday it will be upgraded to handle harder materials.

Sylphid: A small device, about the size of a dog, that has wings and is capable of short range flight and carrying light objects. Perhaps someday it will be upgraded for longer range and a heavier payload.

Derflinger: A small device, built around a short sword that can withdraw its limbs and be wielded like the weapon it is. Perhaps someday its intelligence will be upgraded so it may be capable of fighting on its own.

Saito: A moderately sized device, about the size of a young child, that is capable of bipedal movement, with some balance issues still needing to be worked out. Null’s original intent was for it to be capable of wielding Derflinger in combat, but that may still be a long way off.

Nullsilver Luna

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