Aka: Rx
Birth Name: Rachel Ira Xaviera
Association: Ryqo’s Roughnecks
Role: Healer
Class: Cleric of Minao
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Minao
Size: Medium
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 131
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Honey
Skin: Mildly Tanned Caucasian
Looks: Is at home in both casual wear and armor, usually sticks to a color scheme of yellow and white. Both sets of garments sport ancient emblems representing her parents; father’s on the right and mother’s on the left. On the chest is Minao’s symbol and on the back is hers. She’ll often add the accent of black, like the spiked leather belt and choker she still wears from her gang days. Her hair is usually wrapped in a simple yellow or white handkerchief.
Personality: Mother hen of the group.
Note: Does most of the cooking while away from base, and often assists the designated cook while on base. Carries numerous smoothed and polished stones about coin size. They are pieces of alchemically altered and magically enhanced lodestone that she uses for healing purposes.


Rachel Ira Xaviera is the daughter born to the arranged marriage of Horus Xaviera and Jovianne Sutekh from two prominent healing clans. The clans used magical genetic engineering and selected the best traits to be passed down to each generation. Rachel was given the nickname “Recipere” as her initials were Rx, the abbreviation of an ancient word for “take” and a possible origin of the symbol often printed on healing potions and herbal mixes. Her parents called her their “Little Prescription of Happiness.” They used their powers of healing in an altruistic fashion, a tactic that would bring about their destruction. Recently, groups that were unhappy with their rivals receiving the same treatment murdered many clan members, Rachel’s parents included. This left her disillusioned about the world in general. She gathered other lost souls into a gang she called “Prescription of Pain” and set out to seek revenge. This endeavor was short lived, however, as Rachel found her powers waning as she strayed from her deity’s path of lawful good. The group disbanded, except for her and Gravelclysm, a goliath she picked up along the way. Grav urged her to atone and regain her standing with her goddess. It was on this journey that the two encountered Ryqo. Rx found her calling in the ranks of the fledgling guild, Ryqo’s Roughnecks as her newly regained powers were immediately in demand.


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