Aka: Tack or Sensei
Birth Name: Classified
Given Name: Michael Zainthrony
Association: Ryqo’s Roughnecks
Role: Ranged Weapon Specialist
Class: Fighter
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: _____
Size: Medium
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 194
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Light Brown
Skin: Tanned Caucasian
Looks: Has the Executor’s Roughnecks emblem tattooed on his right shoulder and Ryqo’s Roughnecks emblem on his left. Usually doesn’t remove his mithral shirt armor and has been known to sleep in it. He has dyed and painted his armor in splotches of black and shades of green. Cuts his hair quite short, mostly due to his military background, but also because it starts to curl and become unruly as its length increases.
Personality: Fancies himself a gentleman.
Note: Calls Lady Sanguine “Milady.” Obsessed with ranged weapons, almost as much as Ryqo herself. One of the last remaining of the Executor’s Roughnecks, and as such is very protective of Ryqoshay. His call sign was given to him by Quentin, but where he came up with it is anyone’s guess. More of a tinkerer than an actual weaponsmith. Came up with the nickname “Ricochet” for young Rebecca. She calls him “Sensei” because he taught her the art of archery.


As soon as he was old enough a young man left home and joined the kingdom’s military. Several years later he was engaged to a lovely young woman he had met while on leave in the city of _______. Unfortunately, not long after the engagement, he returned early from assignment one day to find her in bed with another man, in his house. In a fit of rage, he ended up killing them both and wound up in prison. His superior officers refused to let his talent rot away, and agreed to free him under a set of specific arrangements. Having lost faith in himself and swearing off romance in general, he agreed to take on increasingly dangerous missions. His last such mission went awry when his assigned partner’s mistake cost him his life, leaving the young man to complete the task on his own. He did so, but nearly died in the process, and never made it back to base. His superiors disavowed knowledge of the mission and his involvement and left him for dead, which he practically was. He was found by a particular barbarian tribe and treated by their healers. While he was recovering, a band of mercenaries happened to pass through the area. Their leader, Quentin Bouteillevoix recognized the younger man and immediately offered him a position in his guild. Naturally, the young man accepted. In the Executor’s Roughnecks he found a new lease on life. He was given the name of a recently fallen mercenary, Michael Zainthrony and the call sign of Tackleberry by Quentin. Tack devoted himself fully to Quentin and rose quickly in the ranks to become his second in command. He considers it a great honor that Quentin entrusted his daughter’s well being in his hands. Now, several years later, he is as loyal to her as he was to her father, and proudly retains his prior position of second in command.


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