Lilyville, a town, half a day’s ride outside of Mistoff, was originally founded as a place for retired and injured Roughnecks to reside. It has since grown into a self-sustaining community that helps support the mercenary guild with food, weapons and other good in exchange for protection and a steady supply of gold. They are a tolerant people, one that even a half-vampire warlock would not feel out of place or shunned. Extra-planar beings are not uncommon nor are memebers of just about every religion. Indeed, those of any alignment are welcome so long as they obey the rules, which, by ‘normal’ standards, are fairly loose to begin with.

The phases of Lilyville can easily be traced by associating them with the leader of that time frame.

The Executor’s Roughnecks:
Lilyville did not exist at the time Quentin l’Ececutuer was in charge.

Ryqo’s Roughnecks:
Ever afraid of being alone, Ryqoshay decided to found Lilyville not long after giving up her quest to resurrect her parents. She knew that since the Roughnecks she had left were all older than her, they would likely go their separate ways long before she was ready for them to do so. Also, those with longer life expectancies would simply out live her when she was ready to retire. Establishing a town around her guild’s base of opperations seemed to be a decent way of dealing with the situation.


The Roughnecks Ryqoshay